Angara wants teachers’ salary increased to over P30,000

Aurora Representative Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara has filed House Bill (HB) 395 which upgrades the minimum salary grade level of teachers from Salary Grade 10 to 19.

In the attached list that stipulates the corresponding amounts of salaries per level, Salary Grade 19 is more than P33,000 for Step 1.

Here’s a press release from the solon’s office:

Angara calls for urgent pay raise for teachers, nurses

Aurora Representative Juan Edgardo “Sonny” Angara renewed his calls for improved pay scales for public school teachers and nurses as the government rolls out this month the fourth tranche of salary increases mandated under the Salary Standardization Law III or SSL III (Joint Resolution 04).

Angara, Chair of the House Committee on Higher and Technical Education, emphasized that teachers and nurses must be compensated accordingly with the rising cost of living to encourage them to stay in the country.

“Quality education and healthcare are crucial to improving the welfare of our people as these pave the way for good employment opportunities,” said the representative of the lone district of Aurora. “Unfortunately under the SSL, our teachers and nurses receive much less than they deserve which forces them to find jobs outside the country.”

Angara, who in 2008 helped author Joint Resolution 04 that became the SSL III, noted that the minimum salary for public school teachers is only P17,255 representing a Salary Grade (SG) 10, while government nurses receive only P18,549 or the equivalent of SG 11.

“The Nursing Act of 2002 [RA 9173] actually pegs the minimum salary for nurses at around P24,000 a month or SG 15, but the implementation of the SSL puts it much lower,” said the former prosecution spokesperson at the Impeachment Trial Of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

“We need to give our nurses incentives to stay in the country, especially when their counterparts can earn up to P230,000 a month in the US.”

He continued, “Keeping the base pay for teachers at such low levels actually jeopardizes our efforts to improve our education system. But it's also a matter of having a competitive pay scale to make teaching a viable long-term career.”

Data from the UNESCO shows that while the base salaries of teachers in the Philippines are generally at par with those of teachers in Thailand, these only increase by around 10 percent after 15 years of work experience. In Thailand, veteran teachers can get a salary increase of as much as 94 percent over the same period of time.

Angara has filed HB 395 which upgrades the minimum salary grade level of teachers from Salary Grade 10 to 19. With the increase in teacher salaries, the bill aims to attract more qualified and competent educators to teach in public schools.

He has also filed HB 5780, which includes amendments to the Nursing Act of 2002 that will bring back the minimum salaries of government nurses to the equivalent of SG 15.

“Our country is poised for breakthrough growth, making it more urgent to improve the lot of our education and health professionals - for the ultimate benefit of a more educated and productive population.”

Once this bill is passed into law, Congressman Sonny Angara will surely win a seat in Senate.

The latest Pulse Asia survey on senatorial preferences show that he is in 12th place with 28.9 percent of the voters saying they’ll vote for him.

He is the son of Senator Edgardo Angara who is serving the country since 2001. Senator Angara will end his fourth term in 2013.

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