John Prats - Bianca Manalo Break-up

Beauty queen-turned-television host-actress Bianca Manalo on Wednesday, May 30, 2012, reportedly confirmed that she and boyfriend actor-host John Prats have ended their seven-month-old relationship.


The John-Bianca split-up was allegedly caused by a third-party.

Rumor has it that Sexbomb dancer and “Banana Split” cast member Sunshine Garcia is the reason why John and Bianca called it quits two weeks ago.

There were unconfirmed reports that Sunshine and John became close to each other since they started working on the show and were apparently going out with their friends.

In an interview, however, Bianca denied reports that Sunshine had something to do with the breakup. The latter, on the other hand, told ABS-CBN’s “Bandila” that she doesn’t know why her name is being dragged in the issue.

Sunshine said Pratty is an amiable person. The ‘Banana Splitter’ also admitted that they were together in some photos, but insisted that their sweetness in those pictures is purely work-related. She denied being third-party to the break-up.

John, the “Bandila” report said, did not grant an interview.