NFC Technology in iPhone 5

Apple’s iPhone 5 is reportedly set to launch this summer. This smartphone will feature a new technology known as Near Field Communication (NFC).

Rumor: iPhone 5 to get NFC

With the NFC technology, the new iPhone 5 can be used as a credit or debit card in making payments anywhere throughout the world.

It’s been said that Apple will come into partnership with MasterCard or Paypass in order to incorporate the NFC technology into the iPhone 5. Reports said this information was provided by the developer who is working on the NFC technology. NFC technology can help a person make mobile transactions online and offline.

Near Field Communication technology

NFC is a chip that allows wireless transfer of information. By default, this chip will store the information of a credit or debit card. It will also store allegiance credits and points because it would ultimately go to call iTunes’s revamp. It is needless to say that the development of an in-depth application purely based on speculative hardware capabilities could be a risky move. However, the developer is confident about developing the NFC technology.

The integration of NFC technology with sim cards will help mobile phone operators insert NFC services directly into it. Additionally, NFC technology offers RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) and payment transactions with just a simple touch.

The NFC technology in the iPhone 5 will be extremely easy to implement in a day to day life, like the usage of iWallet by iTunes as Apple had reportedly already accumulated over 200 million credit cards through the iTunes store.

Ed McLaughlin of MasterCard had already given some weight on rumors for the NFC technology on the iPhone 5. With the reported new iPhone 5 specifications such as a faster processor, 10-megapixel camera, aluminum back cover, Siri to be named ‘Assistant’, the added NFC technology will help the upcoming phone to become one the best smartphones ever.

An advantage of NFC technology is that users don’t have to carry money everytime. This technology will work similarly like Apple’s eWallet but with more security features.

Some of the features of NFC:
  • Intuitive: A simple touch can start NFC interactions.
  • Open and standards-based: The under development NFC technology implements standards like ISO, ETSI and ECMA.
  • Versatile: NFC will suits for broader range of environments and industries.
  • Technology-enabling: NFC facilitates simple and fast setup of wireless technologies like bluetooth a wi-fi.
  • Interoperable: NFC will support existing contact less card technologies.
  • Security-ready: NFC has built in capabilities of application security.
  • Inherently secure: More powerful security is made for transactions.

Rumors about the NFC on the iPhone 5 have surfaced, but Apple remains mum over the NFC technology and its launch with the iPhone 5. Unless and until Apple officially gives confirmation, we can only wait and see.

Fans of Apple products like the iPhone and iPad will definitely welcome the NFC technology in the iPhone 5 as it will make life even easier.

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