The Wolverine Leaked Poster Fake?

So far, no one has confirmed whether or not the supposed teaser poster of “The Wolverine,” the first installment of “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” starring Hugh Jackman, which was leaked online recently, is legit.

There were reports that the poster was pictured at the office of director James Mangold. However, some internet users doubt its authenticity.

If you look at the poster closely, it appears that the image cut by Wolverine’s bladed weapon is the Japanese flag.

Purported teaser poster of “The Wolverine”
While there’s significance as production is set in that East Asian country, some industry observers believe that a major movie studio like Universial Pictures wouldn’t allow the state to be disrespected in any way, much more through its national symbol.

The poster design and concept look professional, but it could have been better if the person who made it was more sensitive and had put an image that represents the “Silver Samurai,” said to be the main villain in the movie, instead of the rising sun.