Skype Virus: How To Remove

Here’s a procedure on how to remove the virus that’s spreading through Skype, the world’s most popular voice-over-internet protocol service and software application.

Victims say the Skype virus infects computers by sending Skype users a link to a photo which actually does not exist. Once clicked, the worm automatically installs itself silently.

After installation, you will not be able to notice anything, but the virus sends links to your contacts in the background.

It is suspected that the virus does some key logging of user credentials for email, Facebook, Skype and others.

To remove the Skype virus, follow these instructions from tech blog ExtremeDev:
  • Open the Windows Task Manager. To start, hit Ctrl-Alt-Del simultaneously.
  • Locate in Processes a file named “mdm.exe.”
  • Click it to highlight and then hit End Process.
  • Install a startup program management software like Nirsoft’s WhatInStartup [download].
  • Run WhatInStartup and look for “Windows Firevall engine” that has reference to “c:/windows/mdm.exe” and delete or disable it.
  • Finally, delete the executable file under “c:/windows/mdm.exe” and reboot your computer.
We hope you find this guide helpful. To keep your computer safe from viruses and malware at all times, install a very effective anti-virus software like ESET Nod32.