Life Before Text App: How It Works and Download

Life Before Text app, said to be an aid in preventing drivers from being distracted by cellphone uses (text and call, etc.), is available for download.

How Life Before Text App works:

According to its official website, the app is designed “to help aid in the reduction of accidents caused by distracted drivers.”

Once the app is downloaded from the Android App Store, a screen where the user is asked to enter his name, an email to receive notifications, and a second email to receive uninstallation/deletion notification, pops up.

Life Before Text App Notification
For monitoring purposes, any changes made such as “speed selection” and “override time,” and when the app is placed in “override mode,” will be sent to the first email. The second email, on the other hand, receives a notification whenever the app is uninstalled/deleted.

The app automatically starts when the phone is turned on and the only way to disable it is to delete it.

The app disallows incoming and outgoing calls to prevent the driver from being distracted so he will keep his eyes on the road. However, a text message that gives the driver the choice to pull over to call or text back can be received. It enables the driver to become reachable during emergency situations.

The driving speed, the website states, is “calculated by GBS.” Once the driver reaches a speed of 10 miles per hour (mph) or faster, the following pop up notification, which restricts the driver from using his phone, appears.

Life Before Text App
Life Before Text app can be downloaded from the Android App Store (Google Play). There’s a one-time fee of $3.98 which is equivalent to more or less Php 171.