Andrei Felix - Venus Raj Loveteam Given A Name

Events and television host Andrei Felix and ‘major major’ beauty queen turned celebrity Venus Raj, who are working together in “Umagang Kay Ganda,” have become a fave topic in social media since their relationship was made public Sunday night.

Venus Raj and Andrei Felix
Venus and Andrei = VenDrei
Following Venus’ admission on Gandang Gabi Vice about their four-month-old love affair, the sweethearts became Philippine trends on Twitter and Yahoo!.

Here’s what’s even more interesting. Aside from the fact that their fan base as individuals and as a couple increased, their loveteam has been given a new monicker.

Make no mistake if someone mentions “VenDrei” on Twitter or Facebook, that person is referring to Venus and Andrei.

The idea originated from Twitter user @itsmejhiji007 who posted:

Venus replied:

Her boyfriend added:

They both like it, so guys take note.