Jovito Palparan - The hunter gets hunted

A twist of fate. Jovito Palparan, a former prominent figure in the campaign against insurgency, is now being hunted by the same group he pursued in the past.

Jovito PalparanMembers of the New People’s Army are reportedly hunting down the retired army general who was indicted for kidnapping and serious illegal detention in 2005 of students Sherlyn Cadapan and Karen Empeño.

ABS-CBN reports that according to Communist Party of the Philippines information bureau chief Marco Valbuena, the CPP central committee has ordered the NPA to “closely look into reports of Palparan’s presence in their areas of responsibility and take immediate action.”

“It is a matter of obligation to the Filipino people and state responsibility that the people’s democratic government undertake the necessary measures to put General Palparan under its duly authorized judicial organs,” according to an order of the the CPP central committee.

Said order stated that once Palparan is captured, he will be tried and judged in a people’s court “for war crimes and gross violations of human rights and international humanitarian law,” the report said.