Jessica Sanchez Lives Her Dream

Giving up is obviously not in the vocabulary of American Idol Season 11 contestant Jessica Sanchez, the 16-year-old multi-genre singer from San Diego, California, USA.

Jessica did her best during the first season of America’s Got Talent but it wasn’t good enough. Back in 2006, the Filipina-Mexican performer got eliminated from the show and failed to enter the semi-finals round.

Jessica, with Filipino blood running through her veins, didn’t allow disappointment to get in her way. With a typical Pinoy fighting spirit in her possession, Jessica bounced back and has conquered the American Idol stage.

Jessica Sanchez on American Idol Season 11
Jessica Sanchez is living her dream. She’s become part of the Top 24 semi-finalists of American Idol’s current season.

The AI judges have included her in the list most probably because they see the potential within a young but determined talent. Not only them, but viewers as well have expressed their appreciation on Jessica for sharing her talent once again.

Jessica has been receiving rave reviews in the internet. On YouTube where videos of her performances even not on AI are well-appreciated, people are talking about how they felt Jessica’s passion for singing and how goosebumps occur everytime they hear her sing.

Comments like Jessica “should be a star already,” “heartfelt performance,” and “she’s too good for American Idol” can be read on YouTube and other online fora. This early, AI fans already like her so much and wanted to see more of her in the coming episodes of the show.

Check out the video below to find out why she deserves this positive review.