For John Prats and Bianca Manalo, Height Really Doesn’t Matter

Actor, dancer and TV host John Prats in a recent interview finally admitted that he and beauty queen-turned-actress and TV host Bianca Manalo are in a relationship.

John Prats and Bianca Manalo
“Siguro naman ‘di ba kami na talaga. Hindi ko naman siya talaga mamahalin ng sobra sobra kung hindi ko alam na ganun din ang pinapakita niya sakin,” he reportedly said.

John, who stands 5' 5½", is obviously shorter than Bianca, who legally stands at 5'10", but height is clearly not a hindrance for their love affair to blossom.

It’s a clear proof that height doesn’t matter in a relationship as long as you love each other. True love accepts a person no matter what, right?

John had said that he hopes Bianca is already the person he would spend the rest of his life with. It would be perfect if what they’re into right now will lead to marriage.

Whatever the future of John and Bianca’s love affair, the couple truly is an inspiration to people especially their fans.