Rhian Ramos - DJ Mo ‘Abortion’ Issue Dwarfs Controversial KC - Piolo Break-up

It seems the Rhian Ramos - DJ Mo scandal involving a viral YouTube video, where the latter admitted that they went to Singapore last year to ‘get rid of their child’, made noise that’s louder than the controversial KC Concepcion - Piolo Pascual break-up.

Rhian DJ Mo KC Piolo
Based on our blog stats and feedback in social networking sites, anything about Rhian and Mo at this time are more followed and read than updates about KC and Piolo.

Is it because the topic about abortion draws more attention and is more interesting to discuss than a topic about sexual orientation?

Both are significant social/moral/ethical issues, or how ever you call it, but abortion has always been a more controversial issue than homosexuality. No doubt about it.

Or is it because DJ Mo’s so-called ‘video scandal’ on YouTube was more shocking than KC’s tearful admission on The Buzz?

Anyway, as we leave the question hanging, we give you the latest on Rhian and Mo.

Reports over the weekend said the DJ/host’s camp released an official statement following GMA Network’s announcement that it will file appropriate charges against Mo.

TV5’s “Paparazzi” and ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” reportedly received a copy of the statement, but both talk shows imposed self-sensorship and opted not to make it public.

Mo, reports said, had flown to New York according to his friends.

Meanwhile, there were reports that Rhian got stressed and traumatized of what Mo did, but she continued working despite everything that has happened lately.

The actress was absent in “Manny, Many Prizes” on the Kapuso station last Saturday.

According to TV host/entertainment writer and talent agent Lolit Solis, Rhian went to the taping of “My Beloved.” In her ‘Pinoy Parazzi’ post, Manay Lolit said the MMP staff told her that Rhian has become a semi-regular on the game show due to conflict of schedules.

Rhian has kept mum about Mo’s emotional confession on the video that she allegedly underwent abortion. The actress told “Startalk” over the weekend that she will air her side soon.

It was also reported on “24 Oras Weekend” last Saturday that Rhian’s family was hurt over Mo’s video; they have likewise mulled taking legal action against the radio DJ/TV host.