Public warned of INTERPOLCOM’s illegal activities

The National Police Commission (NAPOLCOM) earlier this week raised the alarm over the illegal activities of International Police Commission (INTERPOLCOM), an organization allegedly disguising as an internationally recognized body in order to get funding support from the United Nations (UN).

Here’s the full report:
Interior and Local Government Secretary and National Police Commission Chairman Jesse M. Robredo is warning the public against dealing with the International Police Commission (INTERPOLCOM), an organization engaged in various illegal activities.

According to Robredo, sometime in 1987, INTERPOLCOM submitted a request to then Executive Secretary Catalino Macaraig for the Office of the President’s recognition of their organization and authority to be given to two (2) of its members to negotiate with the United Nations for any possible financial or budgetary assistance.

The said letter was referred to the NAPOLCOM, and upon investigation it was revealed that INTERPOLCOM is a non-stock, non-profit organization that is recruiting members from various sectors of society and enticing them with salaries, benefits and privileges such as free transportation rides, issuance of badges, identification cards, and grant of military rank upon payment of Php 500 as membership fee.

“INTERPOLCOM is also engaged in organized illegal activities under disguise and with a scheme of assisting the duly constituted authorities in the attainment of peace and order and enforcement of law,” Robredo said, adding that “The organization also sent letters and other correspondence to different organizations which impress upon the minds of their recruits and the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) that INTERPOLCOM is accredited by the Philippine government and the United Nations.”

NAPOLCOM Vice-Chairman and Executive Officer Eduardo U. Escueta said that last September 7, 2011, six (6) alleged INTERPOLCOM members were apprehended by the composite team from Philippine Center for Transnational Crime, Visayas Field Office (PCTCF-VFO), Mactan-Cebu International Airport Authority (MCIAA), Military Intelligence Group 7, Airport Police and Regional Intelligence Unit 7 at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport when the group attempted to apply for temporary pass at the airport allegedly to assist airport authorities in gathering of intelligence information.

The arresting team confiscated five (5) caliber 45 pistols with magazines and ammunitions with fictitious documents to support their carrying of firearms.

“The NAPOLCOM remains steadfast in preserving the integrity of our agency and has already enjoined and apprised our offices and personnel nationwide on the existence of the INTERPOLCOM and its illegal activities,” Escueta said.

He added that NAPOLCOM regional directors were also enjoined from accrediting or endorsing any force-multipliers or organizations pertaining to assistance in gathering intelligence information without the proper recommendation by the Department of the Interior and Local Government or the Department of National Defense (DND).

The Philippine National Police (PNP), through its regional offices nationwide, has been tasked to conduct a thorough investigation on the illegal activities of INTERPOLCOM.
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