Mo Twister’s Video Revealing Rhian Ramos’ Alleged Abortion Hits The Web

DJ Mo Twister and actress Rhian Ramos had a sweet relationship. After a year it has gone sour and now it has turned bitter after Mo’s video where he emotionally lamented about Rhian’s alleged abortion was leaked on YouTube.

Mo Twister
Mo and Rhian never admitted the true status of their relationship in public. In fact, the latter only considered Mo as someone she enjoyed having a “mutual understanding” with. In a scale of 1 to 100, Rhian in mid-February this year said the level of their relationship is 60.

The former celebrity couple had apparently called it quits in early May. Reports said Mo broke up with Rhian on Twitter, but the TV host denied it. Talks that Mo was ‘devastated’ by the supposed break up he got so affected that he was not able to work also spread out.

The lovers’ quarrel became complicated when Rhian mulled filing a case against Mo in mid-May. Rhian’s lawyer at that time reportedly revealed that his client was “concerned” that Mo’s actions “will affect her contracts that had morality clauses.” It was not known, however, if a case was filed or the two celebrities settled everything out of court.

In his TV show and in social networking sites, Mo has always been vocal about his heartaches for the failed love affair with the Kapuso actress.

A week ago, his followers on Twitter and Tumblr were baffled after reading his posts about “abortion.” It was on November 16 that Mo started to ask his followers about the intriguing topic.

“I have a question about abortion. Should the girl ask the guy what his thoughts are and should he have a chance to stand up for the baby?” he tweeted.

On November 17, he posted:

“Because no amount of inconvenience could ever justify treating the supreme creation of God with murderous contempt.”

Then on November 19, the DJ/TV host uploaded in his Tumblr account a screen capture of the definition of “abortion” with the word “monstrosity” at the bottom encircled.

On the same day, Mo tweeted a message as if he was talking to a baby, as follows:

“young child, dont ever think you were never good enough. you just had no choice in the matter.”

Then on November 20, he posted yet another intriguing message that read:

“guy says don’t be bitter bout the overlap. She says sorry don’t be bitter too. Bitter? Tell that to the young souls killed for convenience.”

During his primetime showbiz talk show “Juicy!” on TV5, he told his co-hosts:

“…May isa pang bagay na malaking bagay na pinagdaanan, na I’ve been trying to overcome in the past year, na hindi related sa breakup namin ni Rhian. But it’s something that Rhian and I have been trying to overcome together, and sana…” he was supposed to continue his revelation but Cristy Fermin interrupted him with a question: “Nakokonsensya ba kayo?”

“I don’t know. Ayokong sabihin na ‘kayo’ because Rhian is her own person and I am my own person. Basta, I’m in a dark, dark place. I’m in a dark place,” he answered.

Mo at that time announced that he has decided to move to New York to be with Moira, his 13-year-old daughter with former actress Bunny Paras.

He was supposed to leave the country on Sunday, December 3, but the current controversy involving his video on YouTube forced him to stay longer.

A video entitled “,” uploaded by YouTube user “PrettyJenny55” on November 28, has gone viral. In the video, Mo bared a shocking revelation. He said:

“It’s 28th of July 2010. You’re in Singapore. You’ve been crying all evening because tomorrow morning, you and Rhian will go to the hospital here and get rid of our baby. It doesn’t matter naman what I think about it because this was her choice.”

He apparently started to blame show business for what happened, saying:

“This is wrong. This is the hardest thing you’ve gone through before and you’ve gone through so much, and we have to blame our jobs for this. This industry that judges you for these things. This business has made her believe that we have to take the life of our own child because no one will forgive her for this, that this job will ruin her so we agreed that we’d come here and get it done.”

After a while, it seems his statements began to get a little specific. He said:

“I’m sorry for the bad choice we are about to make. It’s hard for both of us. Nobody wants to do this. I know other celebrities have been able to succeed after this problem, if it is even a problem. I don’t know if this a problem, but you know, her parents are tough on her. Her station, her channel, her manager is so tough on her that it has made her feel that having this baby is just no other option.”

Rhian is under exclusive contract with GMA Network. She is the niece of GMA’s assistant vice president Ida Ramos Henares.

The Kapuso network said it will take legal action against Mo.

“GMA Network is going to file charges against Mo Twister for malicious and false imputations against the network in his video posted this afternoon on YouTube,” its official statement read.

Hours after GMA threatened to sue him, the DJ/host immediately posted the following on Twitter.

“i know you all have so many questions about what happened. i cant give any clear answers right now because I too am wondering how it all got here. I know i sold many of my things including computers that i had erased. apparently, someone "repaired" the erased files/hard drive and uploaded some personal files of mine. i feel terrible about it,” he tweeted.

Mo said that although he is supposed to leave for New York on Sunday, he is willing to postpone his flight “to help clear or answer some of the questions, as well as investigate how someone may have retrieved (his) erased files.”

Mo said he will explain everything about the issue on TV5’s Paparazzi on Sunday.

Update, December 4, 2011:

Mo Twister did not appear on Paparrazi. Reports said that according to his close friends, the DJ/Host had already flown to the US.

ABS-CBN’s “The Buzz” featured the controversial story. The show has obtained an official statement from Mo’s camp, but refused to make it public saying the show self-imposes censorship and regulation.