Miriam Santiago Elected Judge In International Criminal Court

Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago has been elected as a judge of the International Criminal Court (ICC) in elections held in New York on Monday, December 12th.

Miriam SantiagoAccording to the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Santiago was overwhelmingly elected as ICC judge, getting 79 votes out of 104 valid votes from states parties.

The DFA reports that the lady senator was the first to be elected out of 18 candidates vying for six seats on the ICC.

Foreign Affairs secretary Albert del Rosario in a statement said Santiago is “more than qualified” for the position.

“She has shown competence and commitment in defense of the rule of law. She has demonstrated her intelligence and legal acumen through her decisions that have been cited by the Philippine Supreme Court. She has shown independence and integrity in her actions,” del Rosario noted.

He added that “it is a new day for the Philippines, a day of pride for our country and a day of honor, knowing that this is a tremendous responsibility and mandate placed upon our compatriot.”

Meanwhile, Santiago in a television interview revealed that if she already is assigned a case in the ICC, she would have to give up her position as senator although she isn’t required to resign immediately.

Santiago said she is set to take her oath in March next year.