Lady Gaga “Marry The Night” A Masterpiece

Barely seven days after it was uploaded, Lady Gaga’s “Marry The Night” music video has gone viral with more than 13 million hits on YouTube as of this posting.

The phenomenal singer-songwriter herself couldn’t believe that the number of views surpassed the 10-million mark in less than a week.

She visited the White House last Tuesday, December 6, to discuss bullying prevention so obviously her advocacy caused more and more people to like her, get inspired by her which, in effect, drove millions to YouTube to watch her latest music vid.

It was very timely as the video was already available four days prior to her appointment with US President Barack Obama.

Aside from that, plus the fact that the song is really good, what gets fans more interested is that the video is not just a mere music video, it is a mini movie.

For several minutes, a story that tells what the whole thing is all about is presented in a way that’s purely Lady Gaga—a really amazing and one-of-a-kind performer.

She says it might be her “favorite performance ever.” Check it out and you’ll know what she means.