Goodbye Paputok, Download The World’s Safest Firecracker

Goodbye Paputok is a campaign launched by the Department of Health (DOH) which aims to significantly reduce or eliminate injuries caused by firecrackers.

Goodbye Paputok
It is in accordance with Republic Act (RA) No. 7183, the law on pyrotechnic devices which prohibits the manufacturing, selling and buying of illegal firecrackers.

Part of the campaign is the establishment of a website,, where visitors can download sound effects of various firecrackers for free.

The website invites anyone to get a copy of the SFX (Safest Firecracker Experience), play it on a loud sound system instead of lighting a firecracker on New Year’s Eve, get the same experience sans the color, smoke and risk, and keep all ten of your fingers.

The SFX file contains real and good quality sound effects for 5 Star, Super Lolo, Juda’s Belt, Watusi, Whistle Bomb, Kwitis, Luces, Trompillo and Fireworks Symphony.

Some of the aforementioned are in the PNP’s current list of banned firecrackers in the Philippines, as follows:
  1. Pacquiao
  2. Bin Laden
  3. Trillanes
  4. Ampatuan
  5. Goodbye Gloria
  6. Goodbye Philippines
  7. Goodbye Earth
  8. Goodbye Universe
  9. Judah’s Belt
  10. Super Lolo/Lolo Thunder
  11. Watusi
  12. Piccolo
To download the “World’s Safest Firecracker,” click here.