Erin Andrews Files $10 Milllion Lawsuit Over ‘Peephole’ Video

ESPN sportscaster and blogger Erin Andrews filed a $10 Million lawsuit against a stalker, who in 2008 videotaped her nude, and the hotel where the incident took place.

Erin Andrews
Reports said Andrews demands $4 million from Michael Barrett, who plead guilty to stalking her, and another $6 Million from the West End Marriot for allegedly allowing Barrett to know that she was staying at the hotel and book a neighboring room.

The 33-year-old TV personality claims that the invasion of privacy and the video where she was seen not wearing anything on remain a cause of “great emotional distress and embarrassment” for her.

The so-called “peephole video” of Andrews was leaked, uploaded on popular file sharing sites and circulated in the internet in July 2009.

Reports around that period said the download links were taken down within the week the video went viral.