Coldplay In Manila Hoax

Fans of the British alternative rock band Coldplay jumped for joy when a supposed poster of the group’s concert next year circulated in social networking sites over the weekend. It turned out, to the fans dismay, that the Coldplay in Manila poster was just a hoax.

The bogus poster, which appears legitimate, contains among other details the concert title, date and venue as “COLDPLAY VIVA MANILA,” “April 18, 2012” and “Smart Araneta Coliseum.”

Fake Coldplay in Manila Poster
Manila Concert Scene, a website for concert news and updates including rumors, was quick to post in its Facebook fan page that the poster is fake.

“The poster shown below is NOT LEGIT. Please STOP spreading FALSE RUMORS and FAKE POSTERS. Thank you,” said MCS, citing Dayly Entertainment event planning and services.

Facebook user Roe Alfaro, who admitted that he designed the poster to comply a class assignment, asked for an apology.

“Okay. Guys, this is just a poster I made for my Computer Graphics class. It's not intended to spread any rumors or something. I know it's a bit disappointing for pushing up your hopes. I'm a fan of Coldplay too. I just want them here as much as you want them too. Anyway, I'm so sorry this kind of thing happened. :),” Alfaro posted.

Fake Coldplay in Manila Poster Maker Alfaro
Because of the incident, the term “Coldplay in Manila” became one of the trending topics nationwide on Twitter on Monday, December 12.

Coldplay In Manila Trending
Based on their tweets, Colplay fans were, of course, disappointed.

“Lekat. I was screaming my lungs out when I saw "Coldplay in Manila" was trending. Yun pala hoax! ARGGGGGHHHH!,” @leichavez tweeted.

“So sad that Coldplay in Manila is just a hoax. :(,” @applebernardino also posted.

Despite of the bad news, others were optimistic and hopeful.

“Coldplay in Manila might just happen. I heard that someone is talking with Coldplay’s management to bring the band here next year,” @ako_si_juan said in his Twitter account.

“Having Coldplay in Manila might be real. It might be a pleasant surprise,” @djoaniel likewise tweeted.