Mo Twister Leaving Rhian, Showbiz and Country

Mo Twister, probably the most popular and controversial radio jock today, is staying in the Philippines until November 30 only as he has decided to move to New York to be with Moira, his 13-year-old daughter from former actress Bunny Paras.

Mo TwisterReports said the TV host and DJ already asked permission from the management of TV5 where he has a couple of shows, ‘Juicy’ and ‘Paparazzi.’

There are also talks that he sold some of his properties which means he could be staying there for good.

Mo apparently mentioned earlier that he will only be gone for a week, but a recent ‘problem’ with his ex-girlfriend, actress Rhian Ramos, reportedly left him with no other choice but to exit show business and the country indefinitely.

In his Twitter and Tumblr accounts, DJ Mo started a topic about abortion. His intriguing tweets on November 16-17 were:

“I have a question about abortion. Should the girl ask the guy what his thoughts are and should he have a chance to stand up for the baby?”

“Because no amount of inconvenience could ever justify treating the supreme creation of God with murderous contempt.”

On November 19, Mo shared a screen capture of the definition of “abortion” on his Tumblr account and at the same day he tweeted something that created curiosity:

“young child, dont ever think you were never good enough. you just had no choice in the matter.”

Mo Twister will have his last appearance on TV5′s “Paparazzi” Sunday afternoon, November 27, where he is expected to make a tell-all about the controversies surrounding him.

Is he going to reveal everything about the “incident” that has put him in a “dark place?” Will Mo explain and elaborate the “abortion” issue to clear things up once and for all, or just leave entertainment media to be speculative?

Would he drop a bomb and make a shocking exposé during his “Paparazzi” farewell appearance, or just create more questions than answers?

There’s only one way to find out and that is to watch “Paparazzi Showbiz Exposed” on TV5, 1:30 p.m. Sunday.