Midas Marquez’ Funny ‘Gay Moment’ Video Goes Viral

Netizens now doubt Supreme Court administrator and spokesman Atty. Jose Midas Marquez’ gender after he was caught on live video having the so-called “gay-like reaction” when a microphone fell from the rostrum during a press briefing.

The funny video, which was recorded from DZMM Teleradyo’s live broadcast of the presscon, has gone viral on the video-sharing site YouTube.

According to a respondent on WikiAnswers, Atty. Marquez is married to Liezl Sarmiento, the youngest child of a prominent surgeon and an accomplished anaesthesiologist. They have two children, Galo, 11, and Maia, 10.

Watch the funny video here:

A longer version of the video that gained mixed reactions from netizens went viral first, but ABS-CBN blocked it due to copyright infringement.