Gwendolyn Ruais, Miss World 2011 First Princess, ‘Is A Foodie!’

Gwendolyn Ruais, Miss World 2011 first runner-up winner, loves to eat bread and cheese, and carrot cake with cinnamon.

Gwendolyn RuaisI was browsing the internet this morning when I happened to stumble upon an article about Gwendolyn, Miss World 2011 First Princess, which was published in the web edition of Manila Standard Today.

“The beauty queen is a FOODIE!,” featuring excerpts from the ambush interview at Beurre Blanc—a French-Mediterranean Restaurant at Resorts World—before Gwendolyn flew to London last month to compete for the November 6 Miss World pageant, reveals the beauty queen’s love for food.

Gwendolyn said her favorite cheese is Gorgonzola, a veined Italian blue cheese, made from unskimmed cow’s and/or goat’s milk, but her ultimate favorite food is carrot cake with cinnamon.

When asked about her plan after the pageant, Gwendolyn reportedly said she will go out with her friends and guess what she intends to do? Eat.

Check out the full article here to get to know Gwendolyn more. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading it.