Gloria Macapagal Arroyo Lawyer’s ‘Testicular Offer’ Trends On Twitter

Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s lawyer, Atty. Ferdinand Topacio, is confident that the former president and first gentlemen will return to the country. He even offered to cut his “ball” if they don’t.

Atty. Ferdinand Topacio“I’m willing to do the worst. Ipapatanggal ko itlog ko pag di bumalik ang mga Arroyo,” Topacio said during an interview with ANC’s “Headstart,” hosted by veteran broadcast journalist Karen Davila, Wednesday morning.

Since he uttered those words on TV, the hashtag #itlognitopacio has become the top trending topic on Twitter nationwide.

Musician Jim Paredes tweeted: “I have heard of ppl giving an arm and a leg for a loved one. But a testicular offer for insurance is quite unique.”

After a while, he added: “Atty Topacio's testicular offer is obviously below the belt.”

More netizens engaged in the conversation throughout the day. Some even gave suggestions.

Twitter user @furrymammal posted: “kung ako si #itlognitopacio na abugado ni GMA, cataract na lang ang ioffer ko na patanggal sa akin kung di siya bumalik. :)))”

“Once GMA [leaves] the country #itlognitopacio should be kept in National Museum for security!” @imJustRealD tweeted.

“Problem with us filipinos is we say things we know we cannot do.. i'd rather see him disbarred no use i can think for #itlognitopacio,” @etnmultimedia posted.

While many considered Topacio’s offer a joke, others expressed concern to the lawyer’ future.

“WHAT THE HECK. From this point on, Atty. Topacio will forever be associated with his balls. Oh what doom. #itlognitopacio,” @katreambillo.

“That awkward moment when the Arroyos don’t return and Topacio’s ‘ball’ gets cut off,” @johncabellouy said in his Twitter account.

Our take on this issue:

We cannot blame Atty. Topacio for believing the sincerity of the Arroyos - his clients who pay him for legal services.

The lawyer himself appears to be telling the truth that the former first couple will return to the country after seeking medical treatment abroad.

The big question is WHEN? Topacio, or the whole Arroyo camp, did not mention a time frame, did they?