Bonifacio Day Holiday ‘Sandwiched’

Malacañang has confirmed that Bonifacio Day, which falls on Wednesday, November 30, 2011 will not be moved to the nearest Monday, contrary to expectations by those who are used to holiday economics.

Bonifacio Day
Bonifacio Day, in street lingo, is ‘sandwiched’ by four workdays and it clearly means there is no long weekend. Those planning a three-day vacation this weekend should now cancel their trip.

Deputy Presidential Spokesperson Abigail Valte cited Proclamation No. 84 which states that Bonifacio Day is a regular holiday, saying it “won’t be transferred to another date.”

“When I checked the Presidential Proclamation on holidays, the celebration would really be on November 30,” Valte added.

Bonifacio Day commemorates the birth of national hero Andres Bonifacio on November 30, 1863. He is remembered on his birthday, rather than the date of his death, May 10, 1897, for historical reasons.