Pinoy Big Brother: If You Were A Housemate, Which One Would You Want Unlimited - Water, Food or Clothing?

Pinoy Big Brother has given the new housemates their first task - to choose which they want to have the entire week: unlimited water, unlimited food or unlimited clothing.

PBB Unli
Thirteen official housemates and a reserve housemate, whose task is to become a “mole” or spy, will have to decide.

If they choose water, they will have to be contented with the limited supply of food and will be given one and an extra clothing for the entire week.

If they choose food, water will be scarce and would be force to do the side-A-side-B way in changing clothes.

If they choose clothing, they will have to forget about getting enough food and water for seven days.

The challenge is tough and it seems like the new occupants will have a hard time making a decision, huh? There will surely be reactions from the housemates.

If you were one of them, which one would you choose and why?