How to Unfriend on Facebook

A friend on Facebook has become annoying? You broke up with your boyfriend or girlfriend and you think unfriending him/her is just the first step to let go and forget? Or you just simply don't trust someone on Facebook?

Here's a couple of ways to unfriend.

Option No. 1:
  • Go to that person's Profile (Timeline)
  • Hover over the Friends box at the top of their profile (timeline)
  • Click Unfriend
Option No. 2:
  • Go to that person's Timeline
  • Click “Report/Block” located at the bottom of the left sidebar
  • Click Unfriend xxx or choose other reasons for unfriending
Unfriend on Facebook
Remember that if you choose to unfriend someone, Facebook says you will be removed from that person's friends list as well. If you want to be friends with that person again, you'll need to send a new friend request.