Civil Service Exam takers complain of CSC website inaccessibility

The second Civil Service Exam scheduled this year takes place on Sunday, October 16, 2011 (that's today). Thousands are going to regional testing venues designated by the Civil Service Commission (CSC) for the Career Service Exam - Paper and Pencil Test (CSE-PPT).

Tens of thousands are also expected to scramble looking for their room assignments.

The commission provided a webpage called Online Notice of School Assignment (NOSA) in its official website. It's where Civil Service Exam takers can generate their respective room assignment.

The problem is accessibility to the NOSA webpage and the website in general is intermittent. It was like a ‘now you see now you don’t’ thing.

can't access
Most of the examinees who tried had failed to access the site and you know what's next...they complained. Check out all the flak at the Facebook comments box in this page.

Two factors may have led to the CSC website's downtime. It's either the server bogged down or they have limited bandwidth. Whatever it is, it sure has caused hassle to examinees.

As a government portal, the CSC website should be accessible at the time it is needed the most.