Tom Taus Likes To Hit Things...With Sticks!

Tom Taus, the former child star who's now making his own name in Hollywood as “DJ Tommy T.,” doesn't just spin music records to entertain party goers, he also hits things...with sticks! Besides disc jockeying, which makes the ex-‘Prince Cedie’ well-known at clubs in the states, Tom also plays the drum.

Michael Geist, the manager of “Elevate”, a popular club in Los Angeles where Tom regularly do gigs, in an interview with ABS-CBN said 'DJ Tommy T' is a “crowd favorite” not only of his being a greate DJ, but because of his talent in percussions as well.

“No matter what's going on, Tom comes on. He gets them going. That thing he does with the drums? People love it,” Geist reportedly said, adding that the jock's percussion skills is an additional attraction for fans.

It seems DJ Tommy T. started as a drummer earlier than most of us know. According to reports, he's into his new career for five years now. A photo of his drum set taken eleven years ago will prove that playing the drums is Tom's hobby even before he became a DJ.

Facebook user Melba Mari Watson shared in Tom's wall a photo with the message “CONGRATS TO U TOM-TOM !!! We saw u in TV Patrol & very happy for u ! You're looking more Handsome now and that's the Bonus. Below is Marie Watson's photos in your Drum Room or bedroom in Greenhills on Dec 2000. We love you and miss you Boy !”

Tom Taus' old drum set
What a multi-talented person Tom is; he truly deserves our support. When he comes over to the Philippines, DJ Tommy T.'s gigs will surely be sold out.