New 7 Wonders of Nature Voting Trends Reveal Puerto Princesa Underground River Demographic

Puerto Princesa Underground River backers and supporters must take a look and study the voting trends indicators to find out what sector should an intensified campaign be made in order to ensure a place for the Philippines in the New 7 Wonders of Nature global poll.

Puerto Princesa Underground River releases different voting trends indicators every week. It says the weekly voting trends “do not ever show the specific position of any Finalist, and instead focus on the trends and indicators of voting and voters – in other words, on movements and on people.”

Previously, the “Upwards/Downwards” voting trends were released at week one, followed by “Faster Growing” at week two and “Most International/Most National Votes” at week 3.

On the fourth week, which started Tuesday, the demographic voting trend was revealed. According to, it lists the Finalists based on the male/female share of the vote and the under 18 (child)/over 18 (adult) share of the vote.

The demographic tells us that Palawan Underground River is ranked 27th among male voters, 2nd among female voters, 3rd among children (under 18) and 26th among adults (over 18).

The results remind us that the campaign isn't about simple voting, it should reach “everyone, everywhere” and that “it is important to get votes from both women and men, and from children as well as adults.”

Based on the demographic, PPUR is getting the most votes from young females. What improvements should the Philippines do, as far the campaign is concerned, to encourage more adult males to vote for PPUR?

Suggestions are welcomed.