Maja Salvador admits she's the cause of Coco-Matteo brawl

“Haba ng hair mo day!” was my gayfriend's initial reaction when Maja Salvador admitted on national television that she was the reason why multi-awarded actor Coco Martin and her boyfriend, Matteo Guidicelli, got into a fistfight during a Star Magic Ball after party last Saturday.

“Opo. Lahat naman po alam na yun. Opo,” Maja in an interview with “The Buzz” said frankly. She is known as a straighforward person.

Her admission came with a revelation that she and Matteo are in a relationship. The video of said interview is available here [link].

According to reports, Coco allegedly kissed Maja on the lips at Salon de Ning in Makati; Matteo got mad and the two actors engaged in a fistfight.

Maja denied that Coco kissed her and preferred not to divulge in detail what transpired that time. Viewers, however, were puzzled why Maja said that after what happened, she is unsure where her relationship with Matteo is going.

Coco Maja Matteo scandal
Meanwhile, Star Magic has issued an official statement regarding the issue. It reads: “What happened was just a simple misunderstanding. Both Coco and Matteo are sorry it happened. Everything has been resolved.”