Lolong Amazes Tourists in Newly-Opened Eco-Park

Lolong the crocodile, believed to be the largest in the world (Guiness has not officially measured and declared yet due to captivity issues), is now the superstar of a newly-opened eco-park in Agusan del Sur, Philippines.

Lolong the Crocodile

The eco-park located at Barangay Consuelo, Bunawan, Agusan del Sur, which was purposely built for the giant saltwater croc, has been opened to the public after weeks of preparation.

A pit that was originally excavated for the town's public swimming pool was quickly converted into a pond for Lolong. Five closed-circuit television (CCTV) cameras were also mounted to monitor the crocodile's behavior and movement, his surrounding likewise.

In the eco-park, Lolong can be seen in a waterhole, attracting not just visitors from the Philippines but foreigners as well. Most spectators bring cameras to take pictures and videos of themselves and their family with Lolong and his pond serving as the background.

One woman, who traveled for almost 2 days all the way from Cebu City, said she was dying to see the gigantic gator in the flesh because photos and videos in the internet and on television cannot satisfy her curiousity.

Adults and children must pay the entrance fee of P20 and P15, respectively, to be able to enter the park. Senior citizens and persons with disabilities, however, can take a closer look at the giant crocodile free of charge.

Bunawan mayor Cox Elorde said proceeds from the park will be used to pay for various costs including Lolong's food and area maintenance.