How to Download and Install Windows 8

Microsoft has made Windows 8 developer preview available for download same time it unveiled the new operating system at the Build Conference on Tuesday. If you can't wait to try Windows 8, here's the info on where to download Windows 8 and how to install Windows 8 developer preview.

It can be installed on a x86-based 32-bit or a 64-bit computer. Activation is not required, but expect some bugs and glitches as it is far from the final version.

Steps to install Windows 8:
  • Setup a Virtual Machine using VMware Workstation.
  • Download either the 32-bit version or the 64-bit versionof Windows 8 Developer Preview from here.
  • Create a new virtual machine and select the Windows 8 Developer Preview .iso image you downloaded as the installation path.
  • Add the settings for your virtual machine, finish making it and then turn it on.
  • Once the setup is loaded, Press “install now”
  • Accept the license terms and press “Next”
  • Choose Custom (advanced), select whichever disk it gives you (it will most likely gonna name your disk as “Disk 0 Unallocated Space”) and press “Next”
  • Once it’s done installing, go through the typical customization/setup process.
Check out this video of a Samsung made Windows 8 slate being compared to an iPad 2 with iOS 5.

Via: Technonzo