Coco Martin Keeps Mum on 'Fistfight' Issue

Actress Maja Salvador has admitted on national television that she was the reason of the altercation between actors Coco Martin and Matteo Guidicelli at the Salon de Ning bar at the Manila Pen after the 5th Star Magic Ball last Saturday.

Matteo has spoken on Happy Yipee Yehey! noontime show on Monday. In a brief message, the TV host-actor expressed how he feels towards Maja and asked an apology for the incident.

We have heard the lovers' side, but there is one party to the issue that has kept his silence... Coco Martin.

Coco MartinNowhere in the internet, not even in tabloids, social media or television shows that the multi-awarded actor and Prince of Indie Films granted an interview and spoke about it.

Reports say that he was insulted and attacked by Matteo who got irked after learning that he allegedly kissed Maja on the lips.

The brawl, according to reports, took place inside the bar during the ball's after party. Maja admitted on “The Buzz” that indeed there was a fist fight. She, however, denied that Coco kissed her.

We did hear a different story.

Veteran broadcast journalist Korina Sanchez-Roxas was able to mention on TV Patrol on Monday evening that she heard that the incident happened inside a car and, apparently, it was Coco who punched Matteo. The latter, allegedly, uttered offensive words against Coco because of jealousy.

The news anchor did not elaborate her version of the story because the program was about to end.

Meanwhile, the Star Magic management on Sunday issued a statement on the incident saying “What happened was just a simple misunderstanding. Both Coco and Matteo are sorry it happened. Everything has been resolved.”

Coco Martin, I guess, must have been advised by people around him not to react about the issue anymore and let ABS-CBN's talent management arm handle the situation.