Tawa-tawa seems to help rehydrate Dengue patients — DOH

Secretary Enrique Ona of the Department of Health said at a forum last Friday that Tawa-tawa (Euphorbia Hirta) “appears” to have “some effects” on rehydration of Dengue patients.

Tawa-TawaBut the health official said that studies made on the Tawa-tawa plant are still in the initial stages and that the DOH has not made and cannot make official recommendation for its possible dengue fighting properties yet.

As of August 20, the health department has recorded 321 deaths across the country caused by the mosquito-borne disease.

Due to its abundance and availability, and the belief that Tawa-tawa has anti-Dengue properties, the local plant is being used by more patients as an alternative remedy, specially those in the province.

Secretary Ona, however, advised patients to drink an oral rehydration solution instead of Tawa-tawa tea to prevent dehydration.


Children have died because of Dengue and hundreds more have become victims. Just when will the DOH announce the research findings on Tawa-tawa? Will it ever get the health department's recommendation?