New Set of BoN in 2012?

Professional Regulation Commission's Board of Nursing (BoN) might have a new set of officers next year. No other than BoN member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas, the only BoN member who's active online, has given the clues through his Facebook fan page.

Sto. Tomas on Monday posted the following status updates:
PRC said they already have an “interactive website” so perhaps you need to address your concerns directly with them through this website. The BON website will only be in operation also UNTIL DECEMBER 2011. The present Board of Nursing can sustain it only up to the said period.
As far as MY FB account is concerned both my regular and FAN PAGE account is something I will need to decide soon also. I thank everyone and hope these instruments have somehow been a tool for guidance/assistance to all concerned and inspiration wherever possible. God bless.
BoN Marco has given the nursing board examinees a lot of help through his updates on the social networking site. We hope someone from the next BoN will have the same passion to help hopefuls and nurses as his.