James Soriano trends on Twitter, his iThink article draws flak

Signed in on Twitter this morning to check out who's trending. I found out one James Soriano is the top trend.

Who is James Soriano? Is he another Christopher Lao?

He writes, mostly analyses and personal opinions, for Manila Bulletin online, but I'm not sure if his articles make it to the hard copy. One article from last year says James Soriano was a second year BS Management major at the Ateneo de Manila University so he must be in 3rd year now.

Why is James Soriano trending?

His article at mb.com.ph entitled “Language, learning, identity, privilege” drew more criticisms than understanding from netizens.

James wrote about why he believes English is “the language of learning” and why it is his “mother language.”

Several lines on his write up, the way I see it, are offensive to some readers like: Filipino “was always the ‘other’ subject” (secondary) and “not the language of the learned.” Ouch!

The author also narrated how he and his classmates “used to complain about Filipino all the time.” He even compared Filipino to a “chore” like “washing the dishes” as it was, according to him, “not the language of learning.”

Filipino, he insists, was “the language we used to speak to the people who washed our dishes,” “the language of the world outside the classroom,” “language of the streets,” used when “you spoke to the tindera when you went to the tindahan,” “tell your katulong that you had an utos,” and “how you texted manong when you needed ‘sundo na’.”

The article can be accessed here.

With those rants alone, anyone who doesn't widen his mind will surely get mad. But try to comprehend his article starting at the seventh paragraph, that part when he said “I was proud of my proficiency with the language” and several lines following “I begun to grasp Filipino as the language of identity.”

His thoughts and the way he presented them could turn stones, but when you read between the lines, you will understand what Filipino, for him, means. Just open your mind.