Hurricane Irene batters New York (Video)

Rain and stronger winds brought by Hurricane Irene whipped New York on Saturday evening. Mayor Michael Bloomberg in a press conference several hours ago said that public transport has been completely shut down and at least 370,000 people have been given mandatory evacuation orders.

Bloomberg advised those who did not heed to the call to stay indoors and keep away from glass doors and windows.

“The time for evacuations is this point, if you haven't evacuated, our suggestion is you stay where you are,” the mayor in the update said.

At 11:00 p.m. EDT, the National Weather Service announced that the center of Hurricane Irene was located at 255 miles south-southwest of New York City.

“Irene is moving toward the north-northeast near 16 miles per hour and this motion accompanied by a gradual increase in forward speed is expected during the next day or so,” the report said.