DOT Secretary Alberto Lim Resigns

Tourism secretary Alberto Lim on Friday, August 12, has announced his resignation as Secretary of the Department of Tourism (DOT) effective August 31, 2011 amid allegations that he has not done anything for the tourism industry and brought “nothing but headaches” to President Benigno Aquino III.

Alberto LimHe cited his reason for resignation as ‘personal’ saying he wanted to spend more time with his family. Lim said President Aquino has accepted his resignation earlier this week.

Presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda in a media briefing confirmed that MalacaƱang accepted Lim's resignation last Monday, but gave Lim time to make the announcement only today to allow him to attend a scheduled conference.

When asked about what will happen to the tourism programs he has started, Lim said what he initiated in the department like the “country branding project” and training of the new “tourism police” among others will continue.

Lim is the second cabinet secretary of the Aquino administration to resign after former DOTC secretary Ping De Jesus formally quit his position last June.

Lacierda, meanwhile, revealed that President Aquino is still looking for Lim's replacement.
Statement of Alberto A. Lim, Secretary of Tourism:
On his resignation
[Released on August 12, 2011]

I would like to announce that I have tendered my resignation as Secretary of Tourism and head of the department’s attached agencies, effective August 31, 2011. The President has kindly accepted my resignation.

My reason for resigning is personal. I would like to spend more time with my family. My responsibilities require a great deal of travel and time away from my loved ones.

I leave the President’s Cabinet gratified that I have laid the foundation for strong tourism growth, in keeping with the President’s vision of inclusive growth.

I thank the President for the opportunity I was given to serve the Filipino people as a member of his Cabinet

I have undiminished hopes that the President will realize his vision for all our people. He has my very best wishes for the continued success of his presidency.