Cathay Pacific Scandal 'Cockpit Oral Sex' Photo

Photos that appear to show a woman, believed to be a Cathay Pacific flight attendant because of the uniform, engaged in an oral sex with a man aboard an aircraft have reportedly surfaced on the web. Reports say the Hong Kong based airline has confirmed it is conducting a full investigation on the oral sex allegations.

Alleged Cathay Pacific Sex Scandal alleged stewardess Oral Sex with pilotAccording to news reports, two photos of a stewardess apparently giving head to a pilot in the cockpit of an aircraft were first reported on Chinese blogs then the purported Cathay Pacific oral sex scandal photos quickly spread in the internet like wildfire.

A Cathay spokeswoman reportedly told Agence France Presse, “We are conducting a full investigation into the matter and there are some indications that the female shown in the photos may be a member of our cabin crew.”

The pilot who took the photos reportedly issued a statement to a local paper called the ‘Apple Daily’ saying that “his photos were stolen from his personal computer.” Sources said the pilot has been “forced to file a police report.”

Reports say industry sources suspect that the scandal photos were a malicious stunt designed to besmirch the airline company's reputation.

Netizens say the uncensored, full version of the scandalous pictures are posted on Chinese sites. The South China Morning Post also reported that a video was rumored to have been uploaded online. A former official of the employees' union refuted the rumor, web sources say.

In a statement released on Friday, Cathay chief executive John Slosar said “the two members” of their “crew shown in compromising situations in photographs published recently in Chinese-language daily newspapers are no longer employees of the company.”

Reports said the airline would not disclose whether the pair were sacked or resigned voluntarily.

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