Blogger who claims 100% accuracy in his prediction of NLE results release day lambasts

People who are “utak wangwang” are found not just in government agencies (thank God President Benigno Aquino III wants them penalized), but some are also in the blogosphere. One of them is a blogger who seems to have embraced the need to drag people down for his own gain.

In a blog post on Sunday, the blogger attacked for allegedly criticizing his prediction that the results of the NLE held in July 2011 would be released within 37 working days.

While we take his attack on us very lightly, it is our belief that we also have the right to defend ourselves; otherwise, what is this site for?

For simplicity, we're posting our points in bullet form as follows:
  • never wrote that his prediction was inaccurate.
  • Nowhere in our blog did we write that his prediction of 37 days was inaccurate.
  • Granting that he was right in his prediction of 37 days, we did not believe him because he is NOT the proper authority. The proper and official authority we recognize and acknowledge to give the estimated days as to when exam results are released is the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC).
  • The PRC, in a document provided by PRC-Board of Nursing (BoN) member Marco Antonio Sto. Tomas that shows a column where the “estimated days to be released in 2011” is stipulated, wrote that its estimate is “46.” It was not 37, but 46 according to the PRC and it was where we based our estimate.
  • The blogger was apparently hurt because we did not believe him. We had our own prediction and we did not claim we were accurate. Come on, it was only a prediction and an estimation is sometimes accurate but most of the time inaccurate.
  • Upon checking the calendar, we found out that the results were released in 35 working days but it's NO BIG DEAL. What's important to us is to deliver the results on the day it were released. Whether it was 37 or 46 working days, whether or not someone was accurate in his prediction, it doesn't really matter (we actually don't give a damn) as long as the results arrived on a time when the examinees have started to become anxious.
  • We would like to encourage the blogger to move on and don't bear hatred in your heart. Competition is healthy and let's keep it that way. Let's just enjoy our chosen field. Bear in mind that lambasting us in your blog won't make your blog number one in rankings on Google and Top Blogs and won't bring traffic to your site.
  • Lastly, we would like to leave mister blogger a couple of requests: Please STOP IMITATING our blog design and THINK of making YOUR OWN blog titles and topics. When you were still a newbie in blogging, you kept on copying our posts and most of the time don't include proper credit, you know that and you can't deny it. Now that your blog already gained readership and rank, you've become conceited; you now attack our blog where you base your own blog's design and posts, even search engine optimization (SEO) efforts, from.
We challenge you to heed to our request to prove that you're better. Crab mentality isn't good. We urge you not to be utak wangwang.

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