Stephan Shrock, the 'Badboy of Philippine Football', Rocks

Stephan Markus Cabizares Schrock, whom fans now call “Badboy of Philippine Football,” was the lone Azkals player who scored for the Philippines in its match against Kuwait in the 2nd round, 2nd leg of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Qualifier. The Philippine football team lost 1-2, but they played the game gallantly and fans loved it.

Fans gave Shrocky the “Badboy” monicker when he fully displayed his quick temper when he confronted a Sri Lankan player and almost head-butted the opponent. Thankfully, he was able to control his emotions that time.

Although Schrocky looks very tough inside the field, there's a soft spot in him that fans love even more — his closeness to his mother (his Nanay Maria), a Filipina who comes from Parang, North Cotabato.

Nanay Maria flew all the way from Germany just to watch her son play for the country and she probably was his lucky charm when Schrocky made that epic goal at the final minute towards halftime of the July 28 game.

Incidentally, reports said Schrock had already promised that he would score a goal for the Philippines.

Schrocky proudly introduced his mom to some press people at the Diamond Hotel right after the game at the Rizal Memorial Stadium.

During the interview, he said “I owe everything to my Nanay” then gave her a kiss on the lips.