Jake Ejercito was 'Saved By The Bell'

Just as netizens and plain kibitzers were hurling a common accusation that he is the father of Andi Eigenmann's unborn baby, Jake Ejercito was, literally, 'saved by the bell'. His ex-girlfriend freed him from being tagged as the one responsible for her pregnancy.

At around eight in the evening on Thursday, June 30, Andi posted the following status update:

“For your better understanding, I've only had one boyfriend before Jake whom I've only been seeing for the past 2 months. Therefore, Jake cannot be the said ex-boyfriend whom everyone has been talking about.#commonsense”

With Andi's tweet that she and Jake have “only been seeing for the past 2 months” and considering that she is already 4 months pregnant (and obviously for lack of any more persons to pinpoint), netizens immediately jumped to the conclusion that her baby's dad is the other ex-boyfriend, young actor Albie CasiƱo.

Albie has kept mum on the issue, but his mother, Rina, has already spoken via Twitter. Mrs. CasiƱo posted:

“No one's denying nor confirming. Just saying he is not her 1st bf & I didnt hear ms jaclyn say Albie did u?”

Speaking to popular entertainment TV show host Ogie Diaz, Albie's mother reportedly said: “Walang problema kung anak ko nakabuntis ke Andi. Blessing yan. We welcome a DNA test.”

Meanwhile, Andi in her Facebook page thanked everyone who showed her their overwhelming support amid the controversy. She updated her FB status with the following statement:

“It just feels amazing how all of you are here for me. Just goes to say that I don’t need to worry about needing someone.”