Generoso Mariano Denies He Was Referring to PNoy in Controversial Video

Retired colonel Generoso Mariano has reportedly denied that he was referring to President Benigno Aquino III in the YouTube video where he aired his grievances and said “it is the duty, it is the right of every filipino including soldiers to replace the government.”

Col. Mariano's statement in the video, which was dated “July 3, 2011” and uploaded by YouTube user “s4sph” on Jul 15, 2011, earned mix reactions from netizens.

While there were some who expressed sympathy, most of them alleged that the retired military officer is being used by a group identified with the past administration.

Meanwhile, former Marine colonel Ariel Querubin, who knew Mariano since the 1989 coup, reportedly said Mariano's statements “were taken out of context.”

According to reports, Querubin believes Mariano “did not mean to call for the overthrow of the Aquino administration.”

Querubin on Monday revealed to media that the controversial video was taken after a forum purportedly sponsored by the group Solidarity for Sovereignty (S4S) last month.

He reportedly said that Mariano's speech was “longer” but the one uploaded on YouTube “was just a small portion” of the speech.