Ban Facebook In Schools, Colleges and Universities?

Last week, students and some faculty members of the Ateneo de Davao University picketed in protest of the restrictions on using Facebook inside the campus from 8 AM until 5 PM. GMA News reported that students complained because they are required to pay at least P1,300 information technology fee per semester.

Ateneo's admin reportedly said that “the sheer number of people who go on Facebook on campus heavily overburdens the university’s internet service bandwidth, such that it negatively impacts on the university’s other online services.”

School officials explained that most of Ateneo's books are stored online and “if Facebook is eating the bandwidth, it’s impossible to download the whole book” which students are supposed to read while in the campus.

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Now, there has been a call to ban Facebook in schools, colleges and universities.

While there's plenty of opposing views on this issue, no survey has been put up in order to determine the number of persons who side with pro or con. For this reason, we are setting up an online poll to know your sentiments.

To vote, simply click Yes or No whether or not you are in favor of the proposal. You may also share your thoughts in the comment boxes below. Let your voice be heard.

Ban Facebook in Schools, Colleges and Universities?
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