Albie Casiño's Career: Is It Over?

With controversies and intrigues pounding him left and right, will young actor Albie Casiño's career hold on? Albie is accused of impregnating his ex-girlfriend, “Agua Bendita” star Andi Eigenmann, who's conceiving a baby girl for five months already.

His ex-GF's dad, veteran actor Mark Gil, spoke to entertainment show “The Buzz” over the weekend and defended the pregnant daughter. Although Mark did not mention it was Albie, he gave clues that seem to pinpoint him.

Earlier, various reports exposed that the young actor is a smoker and drinker. Photos of him smoking and drinking were reported to have made rounds in social networking sites, blogs and other online fora.

Some netizens even called Albie “flirt.” Allegedly, he was seen in an open party kissing different girls even though they were complete strangers.

For these, people online quickly jumped to the conlusion that Albie is a bad influence to the youth. His involvement in such controversies imperils his wholesome image in movies and television as what his handler, Star Magic, must have wanted him to project.

The negative issues hurled against Albie have clearly affected his career. According to various web sources, ABS-CBN stripped him of his role in a movie project top billed by his “Mara Clara” co-stars Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes. Young actor Enrique Gil was said to be his replacement.

In effect, he will not anymore be paired to Kathryn. It was also feared that their on-screen partnership will be cancelled thereby affecting the “KathBie” loveteam in the process.

Not only that, Albie was reportedly removed from his other projects. Reports say he got delisted from the cast of the upcoming teen-oriented television series “Growing Up: This is the Time of Your Life.”

With Mark Gil's interview on the Buzz Sunday, although it wasn't divulged that it was Albie, more and more of his fans got dismayed. Some said Albie is not a good role model for his generation.

Is Albie's career over? Career wise, is there still a bright future for the young actor after the storm? There were tweets that he is his family's breadwinner - purportedly the main reason why they didn't want him to admit - what will happen to his family if his career goes down?

Albie Casiño