Hubert Webb in Philippines during Vizconde Massacre — NBI

The National Bureau of Investigation on Tuesday, June 28, 2011, held a press conference to make public the findings in the re-investigation of the sensational Vizconde Massacre case conducted by the Department of Justice-led special investigation task force.

The NBI has presented statements of seven witnesses and pieces of documents from the Bureau of Immigration that show that Hubert Webb, who was acquitted by the Supreme Court in December last year, was in the country at the time of the crime.

The NBI said “Hubert Webb never left the Philippines on the date he said he did.” It also said that there were discrepancies in the signatures of Hubert Webb between the passport signature page and visa application.

Justice Secretary Leila de Lima claimed she has personally talked to the witnesses saying they are real, they have real names and addresses.

De Lima said the new evidence “shatters Hubert Webb’s alibi that he was in the U.S. during the Vizconde Massacre.”

The task force likewise said that they have obtained from BI a magnetic reel tape that contain encrypted data which show that Hubert Webb did not leave the country in March 1991.

Meanwhile, former senator Freddie Webb, Hubert's father, during an interview with Anthony Taberna on ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda Wednesday said his family is wondering why the NBI's new witnesses only came out in the open after 20 years.

He showed on national TV the passport purportedly used by Hubert when he traveled to the U.S., saying it bears the seal of the United States Immigration Services which proves that his son indeed entered the U.S. in March 1991.

Webb also revealed that when he was still a senator, he handled investigations in aid of legislation that involved big personalities and the NBI, which he suspects could be the reason why the agency never stops to go after his family.

When Taberna asked him to name names and specify a case, the former senator said he will reveal them all in due time.

In a televised press conference held before noontime Wednesday, the Webb family through their counsel revealed that Tuesday's presentation by the NBI and DOJ might have something to do with the “Eleven Indians Expose” by former senator Webb.

On December 14, 2010, the High Tribunal acquitted Hubert Webb et al. for the rape and murder of Carmela Vizconde, and murders of her mother Estrelita and sister Jennifer, and has ordered the appellants’ release from the Bilibid prison. SC justices voted 7-4-4 in favor of acquittal.

On the principle of double jeopardy, the state cannot file a case against the same persons for the same or similar charges.