NBA Finals 2011: Dallas Mavericks beats Miami Heat in Game 5, leads series 3-2

After the best-of-seven series was set back to square one in the previous game, the Dallas Mavericks defeated the Miami Heat in Game 5 of the 2011 NBA Finals 112-103 held at the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas on June 9 (June 10 PHL Standard Time). The Mavs now leads the series 3-2.

Thursday's game was physical. Heat's Dwayne Wade fell hard on the floor from a blocking foul by Jason Kidd. He went down the locker room late in the first quarter.

It was a hot start by both teams. Heat shot 55% while the Mavs had 61%. The Mavs was 2 points ahead when Miami point guard Mario Chalmers fired a halfcourt buzzer beater that gave the Heat the lead 31-30 after the first quarter.

Second quarter was high scoring with both teams able to successfully make shots beyond the arc courtesy of Chalmers and Barrea. Wade played on, substituted LeBron James.

Mavs made turnovers, their fourth and fifth. James back on the floor and Miami converted Dallas turnover into points. But Dirk Nowitzki made shots that sparked the rhythm for the hometeam, tied the score at less than 4 minutes in the second quarter 52-52.

Nowitzki spinned his way into the basket, escaped from a double team then made a layup that gave Dallas the lead down 1:24 in the second. Jason Terry fired a shot that sent his team ahead by four, 58-54.

It was a bigtime play for Chalmer who made another 3-point shot 18 seconds left in the 2nd quarter but Dallas was able to bounce back. At the end of first half, score was 60-57 for the Mavs.

Heat's Mike Miller started the 3rd Quarter with a 3-point shot. Then Barrea answered back, kept their 2-point lead. At this time, there was no Dwayne Wade; he did not come back from the locker room after the half-time break. Reports said he was suffering from a hip injury.

Nowitzki sank a 3-point shot, nothing but net, as shotclock was winding down. Barrea has hit another 3 pointer keeping the opponent at bay. Dallas was ahead by four 73-69 in less than 6 minutes in the 3rd.

Wade back in the game at 4:33 left in the 3rd. Dallas' three-point shooting was hot; they were nine out of thirteen from beyond the arc. Under 4 minutes, Dallas Mavericks was ahead by nine.

Howard made a shot from a pass by Wade under 2 minutes in the third. Jason answered back with another 3; he was shooting 60% from the field. Score was 84-77 for Dallas at 1:04 left in 3Q.

Nowitzki checked back, attempted a 2-pointer with his signature fade away shot but failed. At the other end of the court, James scored at the end of the 3rd quarter, slashing the lead of the Mavs to just 5, 84-79.

Barrea escaped from defense and finished his move with a layup, brought back the lead to 7, 88-81. Miami started double-teaming but committed back-to-back fouls, including one to Nowitzki who sank both freethrows.

Haslem made two from a pass by Wade, slashed the lead down to two. Barrea answered with a three, 93-84 under 8 minutes in the last quarter. James and Wade made a fastbreak although everytime they run, Dallas did not allow them to get close by at least 3 points. Score was 95-90 at 6:34.

Miami attacked inside the paint. Lebron, Haslem, Wade launched a 6-0 run to take over the lead at 96-95. Then Wade made a three-pointer extending their lead to 4. Nowitzki was fouled; made 2 freethrows.

Dallas made a crucial turnover under 4 minutes in the last quarter. Chris Bosh sank a freethrow. Dallas made a 5-0 run. Lebron James committed an offensive foul, while Jason Terry on the other end did a three, score was 105-100 in favor of the Mavs down 2 minutes.

Chris Bosh has drawn a foul under 1 minute in the game. Bosh missed 1; he had 7 out of 9 from the freethrow line. Terry was hot, fired another 3 and made it.

Dallas' 3 point shooting gave them the advantage. They had 68.4% at the three point territory and it was their first time to score over 100 points in the series.