Dallas Mavericks — 2011 NBA Champions

Homecourt advantage did not help the Miami Heat in a do-or-die Games 6 against the Dallas Mavericks in the 2011 NBA Finals held at the American Airlines Center in Miami, Florida on Sunday, June 12 (Monday, June 13 Philippine Standard Time). The series has ended; Dallas Mavericks won Game 6, 105-95, and was declared the 2011 NBA Champions.

Miami opened the first quarter with a three-point shot. Dwayne Wade scored early and looked good as he swooped the double team for a left-handed layup. Lebron James fired a couple of jump shots consecutively which forced the opponent to call a timeout. Miami led by as much as nine points in the first quarter.

Wade continued to attack the defense of the Mavs. He has successfully made shots by layup. Dirk Nowitzki committed two early fouls, one from the fade away shot by Chris Bosh who sank the freethrows.

Jason Terry made back-to-back threes that has cut the lead to just 1, and then Miami head coach Erick Spolstra decided to call a timeout under 4 minutes in the 1Q. Dallas took the lead but Miami was quick to make a shot. Terry committed an offensive foul but later made two consecutive shots and took the lead by three. Coming off from bench, he scored 9 points right away. Dallas led by 5, 32-27 at the end of first quarter.

Dallas launched an 8-1 run against Miami, led by twelve early in the second quarter, making two consecutive three point shots out of the latter's slumpy defense. But after the timeout, the Heat went aggresive on offense and did a 11-0 run, cutting the lead down to 1.

The highlight in the second quarter came when Wade blocked a shot by Tyson Chandler and then at the other end of the court Mike Miller fired a shot beyond the arc, and the lead went back to Miami 42-40 under seven minutes in the first half.

Lebron drove his way into the basket for a two, but Terry was free to shoot a 3-pointer at the other end, score was 46-47 for Miami under 3 minutes. Terry again fired a three and the lead went back to Dallas 51-49.

Miami Heat had nine turnovers in the first half alone, which the Mavs was able to convert into points. At the end of the first half, Dallas led by 2, 53-51 against Miami.

Dallas made shots early on in the 3rd quarter, with Dirk Nowitzki starting to get his rhythm. Barea sank 2 points with a fade-away. He got blocked by Wade off from a failed shot at the other end. Lebron James committed an offensive foul on Barea. Then Jason Kidd took a three that stretched the lead to 6, 68-62 for Dallas. Nowitzki scored a three; he was 1 out of 5 in the three point area.

Wade was charged with an offensive foul and got a technical. At this juncture, the game began heated up. Dallas' Brian Cardinal has put a hard foul on a Heat's player and then a fan got involved, threw something on the court.

Shawn Marriot was charged with an offensive foul. Haslem has put up a jumper at the the rim and shot 2. Lebron escaped from defense, made a layup thereby trimming the lead down to 3 under two minutes in the 3rd. Jason Kidd and Ian Mahinmi added 4 more points and Dallas led by nine, 81-72, going to the last quarter.

The final 12 minutes started with Haslem getting a hard foul; able to sink 1 freethrow. Chalmers was able to steal the ball from the hands of Mavs and when he drove for a shot, Mavs' Chandler has picked up his 5th foul. Barea launched a three and the lead stretched again at around the 10-minute-mark. Terry destroyed Miami's defense, given his team a ten-point lead. Off an off-course shot from James, Barea took a two pointer and the lead ballooned to twelve. Dallas looked very very confident to finish the series.

Lebron James has picked up, made two consecutive shots. Nowitzki, on the other hand, shared another two for his team, score was 94-86 under six minutes in the game. Chalmers was able to get a steal but did not hold on with the ball and instead attempted a fade away shot that got short; ball went to Dallas.

Dallas' offensive rebounds are killing the Heat. There was also point when Chalmers was not able to see Wade at the three-point line. Chalmers apparently collapsed on the pressure. At 2:27 left in the fourth quarter, Dallas was leading by ten, 99-89. The Heat at this point has practically given up.

Jason Terry added two more points after the timeout. Lebron thought 3 but did not make it. Lead was nine point at 58 seconds left in the game. Wade fired a three but unsuccessful.

Final score was 105-95. Dirk Nowitzki has been named 2011 NBA Finals Most Valuable Player (MVP).