Areas Covered by MMDA No-Smoking Policy

On Friday, July 1, 2011, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) will strictly implement smoking ban in all public areas in Metro Manila, which means smokers caught violating the new policy will be apprehended and fined.

For the purpose of information dissemination and so that the public would be aware, we are posting the following basic information relative to MMDA's No-Smoking Policy.
  • No Smoking in Public Places takes effect July 1, 2011: Start of Apprehension with Fine.
  • MMDA's implementing partners are the 17 Local Gov't Units (LGUs), DOH, Department of Justice, UP-College of Law, Framework Convention on Tobacco Control Alliance Philippines, and the LTFRB.
Major thoroughfares (loading bays, footbridges, stairwells of train stations), & in PUVs and terminals in coordination with LTFRBMMDA

(MMDA in coordination with LTFRB will start apprehension in PUVs and terminals, train stations and ports and loading bays along the main thoroughfares.)
Public Utility Vehicles and terminalsLTFRB
City establishments and City RoadsLocal Government Units
Government Offices and VehiclesCivil Service Commission
  • Penalty: P500 up to P1,000 for the first offense, or 8-hour community service. LGUs, as well as other government agencies may impose different penalties in amount or in kind.
  • Deputized Environmental Enforcers are deployed to monitor the areas within the MMDA's jurisdiction. These Environmental Enforcers (EE) wear mint green polo-shirt uniform with MMDA logo. They have identification cards (both employee ID and Deputation ID) clearly visible and displayed. They are in charge of issuing Environmental Violation Receipts (EVRs) to persons caught violating the No Smoking Policy.
  • Environmental Enforcers will be deployed in teams. Each team will have a team leader and an assistant team leader, who will both have the exclusive authority to issue EVRs. These two will be assisted by one photographer and one recorder to document each apprehension made by their team leader or assistant team leader.
  • A spotter shall be deployed by the MMDA for each team to monitor possible violators of the agency's regulations. It is the spotter's duty to bring the violator to the Environmental Enforcer for issuance of ticket. The Environmental Officer should tell the violator of the details of his/her violation, and the proper payment process.
More frequently asked questions and their correspoding answers are posted at the official MMDA website. Click here to access.