World Planking Day 2011 — Planking Philippines

Planking, the act of lying face down with arms to the sides in unusual public spaces and photographing it, originated in Australia and has become a global phenomenon as it catches on young and adventurous individuals, particularly those who are fond of taking pictures and posting them on Facebook.

Plankers all over the globe have declared May 25, 2011 and every May 25th every year as “World Planking Day.”

Most people probably aren't familiar with planking yet. It is actually a simple stunt (some call it art) that anyone can do — persons or pets — anytime, anywhere.

To perform a plank: lie face down, your body straight as a board, toes pointed, arms to the side with straight pointed fingers. Just imagine the position of Superman when he is speeding up his flight.

Planking Philippines
There are certain conditions to make a plank genuine, these are: keep your face expressionless, head straight and don't look at the camera.

Last but not the least of the procedure is to post your plank photo at Planking Australia (for Australians and other foreign nationalities) and at Planking Philippines (for Filipinos).

Enjoy planking but be sure to perform it safely.