Justin Bieber had a fever, sick during Manila concert

Everything seems alright when Canadian teen pop superstar Justin Bieber performed on stage and entertained his Filipino fans at the SM Mall of Asia (MOA) concert grounds last Tuesday, May 10.

“Beliebers” didn't know that their idol was was so sick during his concert he had to take a very short break to vomit backstage, entertainment website TMZ reported.

TMZ in its report said the 17-year old singer-actor was “suffering from a chest infection” which has caused him a fever.

In the videos which the Beliebers uploaded earlier, Justin looked okay though. But he confirmed his being sick by tweeting the following right after the concert.
“even when im sick feels good to come on here and see the love. gonna rest up and hope to get better. ITHANKYOU”
The show must go on, Justin must have thought. This kid's professional and he didn't want to disappoint his fans in the Philippines.

Justin Bieber Fever